No-bust Blackjack closely resembles ordinary Blackjack in terms of strategy and simplicity. The game uses a six-deck shoe. Each deck has 52 cards and up to four Jokers. All cards are dealt face up except for the Dealer/Player’s hole card (each player is a dealer, in turn). Cards are dealt clockwise, starting from the first seat position, with the Dealer/Player receiving his/her cards last. Each player is dealt two cards and may “hit”. Two aces on the first two cards, two jokers or a joker and card valued as 10, is the equivalent of Blackjack.
The object of the no-bust blackjack is to form a hand whose sum does not exceed a Natural and whose value is greater than the Player/Dealer’s hand. You do not bust if you go over 21.

Game Rules

Each player will receive two cards on the initial deal.
Players have the option of drawing additional cards.
A Joker with any card is a Hard 21. Players may not draw any further.
All cards have face value.
Aces have a value of 1 or 11.
All face cards have a value of 10.
The value of each hand is the sum of the face value of the cards.
All Players’ hands are compared with the Player/Dealer’s hand.
Player objective is to form a hand whose sum does not exceed a Natural, which consists of Two Jokers (gets paid two to one in the player position) or one Ace and